Grading Results & Club Achievements

New Class Addition

New class starting on April 27 in the Burdett Estate, Mile End. Saturdays 2pm-3pm. Contact us for further details.

Grading - September 2018

Students were assessed by Master Tom Denis (8th Degree).

Community Martial Arts Trust (CMA) Competition and BBQ

Another successful competition for team Silverback. Great event organised by CMA followed by a BBQ where the medals were awarded to the students.

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Pantera TKD Event - July 2018

Competition success for Team Silverback at the Pantera TKD event. Lots of medals and lots of smiling faces.

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Grading - June 2018

Students were assessed by Master Tom Denis (8th Degree).

End of Year Awards Event

End of year awards presentation evening, 16 December 2017, marking the end of another productive and energetic year with a number of students achieving medals at competitions and many students gaining promotions to higher grades. Number of students were presented with awards by our Senior Instructor, Kosru Uddin, in recognition of their achievements over the whole of 2017. These awards also act as encouragement and inspiration for other students to work hard and achieve their goals.

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Grading - December 2017

Students were assessed by Master Tom Denis (8th Degree).

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End of Year Awards – 2016

It’s been a very productive and energetic first year for Silverback Taekwondo. There have been a lot of achievements and tremendous progress has been made by students. The end of the year was marked with various awards being presented to a number of students for different achievements.

Black Belt 1st and 2nd Degree Certificate Presentation

It was an honour and a proud occasion for both our instructors, Kosru Uddin and Nahid Uddin (being father and son made it even more of a proud achievement) to be presented with their Black Belt Degree/Dan certificates by none other than Grand Master Ellis (9th Degree) at the England Taekwon-Do Association’s Gala night. Master Denis (8th Degree) and a number of other senior Black Belts were also present.

Well done to both of them. A great moment for Silverback Taekwondo.

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Black Belt Grading

After a grueling four hours under the scrutiny of Master Denis (8th Degree) and Master Benard (7th Degree), our senior instructor Kosru Uddin was successful in gaining promotion to 2nd Degree Black Belt.

On the same day our second instructor Nahid Uddin also underwent a grueling four hour assessment under the scrutiny of a panel of 4th & 5th Degree examiners and was successful in gaining his promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt.

Congratulations and well done to both of them.